SMART LIPO in Lafayette, Louisianna


Smartlipo in Lafayette, Louisiana

Dr. Kelly Cobb of Nouriche in Lafayette, LA is proud to offer Smartlipo, an advanced, FDA approved alternative to traditional liposuction. 

Traditional liposuction procedures are painful and involve invasive incisions, sedation, and weeks of downtime.  Smart lipo is a laser-assisted procedure which targets and dissolves areas of unwanted fat so that it can be easily removed from the body.  This process does not leave noticeable scars as with traditional liposuction; the treated area is left looking tight, firm, and healthy!  Call our experienced staff at Nouriche with your Smartlipo questions.  To schedule a consultation contact us at 337-385-9487.         

How it Works

Smartlipo uses the most revolutionary, medical-grade lasers available today.  These lasers are also used for other medical purposes such as lasik eye surgery and many dental procedures.  When you arrive for your treatment, you will be given a local anesthetic in order to numb the targeted area(s).  Dr. Cobb will then insert a very small cannula beneath the skin.  This small tube will be shuffled back and forth, targeting the unwanted fat cells.  Because of the fixed laser energy, fat cells will become heated and rupture, resulting in the liquefied fat draining away from the area.  Most of the fat will then be removed through the tiny incision.  Each targeted area will take up to 45 minutes to an hour to complete.   

Advantages of Smartlipo Laser Liposuction

Because general anesthesia is not necessary, there are fewer risks involved with a Smartlipo procedure than with other liposuction techniques.  There is no post-operative trauma, and the results are better than any other fat-removal techniques.  Most patients are able to return to work within one to two days after their treatment and bandages are removed shortly thereafter.  A great advantage of Smartlipo is the fact that the laser energy interacts with the dermis, resulting in collagen growth beneath the skin.  This leaves the skin looking firm and tight, rather than wrinkled or dimpled as is the case with traditional liposuction methods.  Because of this effect, Smartlipo can treat cellulite to a certain degree by tightening the skin.  The heat of the laser also causes small blood vessels beneath the skin to immediately coagulate, consequentially preventing most bleeding and bruising.        

Who is a Candidate?

Almost anyone can be a good candidate for Smart lipo.  The ideal person will be in good health, exercise regularly, and be within 25 lbs. of his or her ideal weight.  If you have one or more areas of unwanted body fat that you can’t seem to get rid of with a healthy diet and exercise, Smartlipo may be a life changing opportunity for you.  Popular areas to be treated with Smartlipo include the upper arms, small areas of the face and neck, breasts (gynecomastia), and other areas of flabby skin.  During your consultation, the experienced staff at Nouriche will carefully go over the benefits and risks of Smartlipo with you to determine if it is the best option for your individual desires and goals.          

What to Expect After the Procedure

Following Smartlipo, you will have little to no pain, bleeding, or bruising.  You may have slight aches and pains which are similar to post-workout pains.  A day or two of rest is recommended, although many patients are able to return to work the next day.  You will notice positive results immediately following the procedure with the appearance of treated areas continuing to improve over the course of a couple of months.  Because Smartlipo permanently removes unwanted fat cells, this treatment provides lasting results!  If you gain weight in the future, it will be distributed to other areas of the body which were not treated.              

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Since November 2006 when Smartlipo was approved by the FDA in the U.S., there have not been any serious, life-threatening complications resulting from the treatment.  Smartlipo is known as one of the safest cosmetic surgery options available today.  Because general anesthesia is not necessary, the uncomfortable nausea and disorientation associated with invasive surgery is eliminated.  Patients are able to go home within an hour after their surgery completion.  There is a very small risk of infection where the small incisions were made, which can be virtually eliminated by being sure to attend your follow-up appointments with Dr. Cobb.