What is CO2RE Resurfacing?

The CO2RE laser is one of the most popular lasers used for improving the look of skin. CO2RE's laser resurfacing encourages collagen production, this in effect addresses many skin issues such as aging, pigmentation, tone, and texture concerns.

  • WHY?

    CO2RE resurfacing offers patients several solutions in one treatment. Other resurfacing treaments may require multiple visits ond only work toward solving one concern. The CO2RE laser treatment requires longer recovery time, but offers a more comprehesive approach.

  • WHEN?

    This treatment is ideal for patients who want to address multiple concerns in one treatment.

  • HOW?

    The CO2RE laser removes the damaged layers of skin by beaming pulses of light energy deep within the skin. By performing a safe and controlled injury in the skin tissue. This prompts the body to start a healing process to improve the look of skin. The result is an increase of collagen that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin a polished and dewy look.

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