What to know about Hooded Eyelids?

Hooded eyes is a condition where excess skin folds down from the brow line. It is usually more noticeable toward the outer edge of the eye, where the eyebrow tapers toward the temple. People often associate it with aging, but it may also be due to genetics.

  • Brow Lift with Botox

    You can raise your brows, open up your eyes, and refresh your appearance with Botox which temporarily relaxes the muscles that pull the brow downward.

  • Brow Lift with Dermal Filler

    Loss of structure around the eyes can cause the eyebrows to droop. Adding a dermal filler to the area can provide a lift to the eyebrows and decrease the look of hooded eyelids.

  • Elasticity & Collagen

    Elasticity is improved by collagen production. Plasma PenMD, also known as fibroblasting, causes deep penetration of the skin to stimulate the body's natural collagen production.

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