What is a Dermplane?

A treatment that exfoliates the skin and removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) and accumulated dead skin cells.

  • WHY?

    You would get a Dermaplane if you are looking for smoother, healthier skin. By exfoliating the skin and removing the vellus hair you are also providing a clear surface of skin that allows your skin care products to better penetrate the skin.

  • WHEN?

    You can safely get a dermaplane every 2-4 weeks. We recommend to prior to most facials including HydraFacials.

  • HOW?

    Our aestheticians will use a sterile blade to remove dead cells, vellus hair, and other debris that may be making your skin's surface look uneven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NOT suitable for Dermaplading

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types, except for those who suffer from acne.

What should you not do after dermaplaning?

Avoid sun exposure and extreme heat.

Do not use scrubs or other exfoliators.

Avoid chlorine and swimming pools.

Apply serums and moisturizers.

Use sunscreen when going outside.

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