What is a Hydrafacial?

One the the popular, customizable, and gentle non-invasive facial treatments ever.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Peel, Extract + Hydrate

  • WHY?

    Consistent outcomes, NO downtime, Immediate results. We recommend hydrafacials for a monthly skin care regimen because when paired with the correct at home regime, you are providing your skin with the ideal maintaince.

  • WHEN?

    If you haven’t had a facial or hydra-care routine in the past, it can be beneficial to start with 2 HydraFacials a month for about 3 months. Once you’ve established a better baseline for facial skin health, you can benefit from a once-a-month appointment.

  • HOW?

    All skin types can benefit. Though its ideal to receive a HydraFacial monthly, sporadic treatments still provide wonderful care for your skin. Also an ideal treatment prior 1-2 days before a big event, like a trip or wedding.

Let's Talk Dermaplaning.

We recommend a Dermaplane service prior to any HydraFacial.

  • HydraFacial MD

    Upgrade to the MD Hydrafacial and boost your Glysal Chemical Peel to 30% for aggressive exfoliation. $195

  • HydraFacial GF

    Want skin to GLOW? The Regen GF Booster contains next generation Growth-Factor.  Repairs + Hydrates. $250

  • HydraFacial Boost

    Want to upgrade but not sure which upgrade is right for you? This is for you. You and your Aesthetician can discuss choices for sensitive, sun damaged, lines, firmness + beyond.  💎 Favorite! $225

  • HF Platinum

    The BEST of Hydrafacial! Choose Hydrafacial or Hydrafacial MD, Boost with your choice serum, Lympatic Drainage, Treatment Lights and choice of Lip or Eye Perk, with take home treatment. $275

The Perks!

Introducing Eye and Lip Perks. These awesome add-ons can be done with any facial! Perk is uniquely designed for eyes and lips to make them radiant, lively, hydrated, and full! Each treatment includes a take home product. Each are $50

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have the Monthly Membership, can I add boosters or upgrade?

Yes! Please call, 337-456-7300 or discuss with your aesthetician available upgrades.

What if I don't need or want the exfoliation step of the HydraFacial?

We offer a Mini-HydraFacial, which removes the chemical peel and the exfoliation step.

Can the Hydrafacial be performed on my neck or back?

Yes! Neck + Décolleté are definitely popular areas, the back is great treatment for post sun damage and problem skin. But arms and hands are great areas to consider as well.

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