To expedite your refill requests, we recommend that you either have your pharmacist submit the request electronically or you submit your request through the patient portal.  Using the patient portal has increased efficiency in our practice, and we recommend that you utilize it. 

If you do not have refills left, this may be an indication that you need to be seen by a provider.

Please contact the office one week before you need your medicine.

Although we recommend that you use the patient portal to communicate with our office, there may be times that you need to phone the office for a request. In that case, you will need the following information:


Your full name, date of birth, your call back number

Name of medication (you may want to spell it), strength, and dose

Name of your pharmacy, location, and phone number


Some prescriptions, such as narcotics and amphetamines, cannot be called in unless we have seen you recently or will be seeing you. These will not be refilled after hours. There are NO replacement scripts for lost prescriptions on controlled substances.

If you are taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, a diuretic, or other high risk medications, you will need to have blood work done and office visits every 3-4 months. Thyroid hormone adjustments require blood levels at 90 days. Hormone levels should be done yearly if you are stable, more often if not.  We require an annual physical-type of appointment to review all of your history and medications.


Please allow 24 hrs for your refill request to be processed.




We will support you while helping you find a pain management physician. We do not refill lost narcotic, amphetamine, or benzodiazepine scripts. If you require more than one refill you will be referred to a provider who will take over prescribing, such as pain management, psychiatry, etc. 

Here is a list of some of the medications that will only be prescribed for a short term basis:


Xanax, Ambien, Restoril, Lunesta, Klonopin, Lortab, Norco