Body Contouring


What is Ultrashape?

UltraShape is FDA-cleared for non-invasive reduction in abdominal circumference and fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It gently destroys fat by delivering non-thermal ultrasound energy waves that are:

Ultrashape Packages

We recommend atleast 3 service visits per area treated. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What's better, CoolSculpting or UltraShape?

Both are in-office fat reduction treatments that illiminate pockets of fat. Ultrashape is not painful like coolsculpting and takes 1/3 the time. More importantly, Ultrashape removes 33% more fat per treatment.

Is Ultrashape permanant?

Results are permanant unless you gain weight, if that happens the fat cells will begin to expand.

Does Ultrashape tighten skin?

No,  but if skin tightening is needed we recommend Velahape.