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Berberine IR

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Flip your switch. Berberine, extracted from Indian barberry root, helps activate an enzyme that helps cells use glucose more efficiently. Plus, it goes a long way to supporting a healthy gut biome. Switch your cells from “idle” to “on” with Berberine. And make sure yours is non-GMO, and harvested high in the Himalayas in pure, potassium-rich soil for maximum efficacy. 
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism   
  • Promotes a healthy gut biome 
  • May support cholesterol levels within the normal range 
  • Wild-crafted by local Himalayan harvesters and proudly non-GMO 

90 Capsules


Berberine extracted from Indian barberry root (Berberis aristata)


Take 1 capsule three times daily before a meal.


The Story behind Berberine. Berberis aristata is an Indian medicinal plant from the family Berberidaceae. This Ayurvedic shrub was used anciently by many cultures. The Egyptians used barberry fruit for immune support. In India, they used barberry fruit to help balance the fluid levels in the bowel. Russian proponents used barberry for circulatory concerns. And in Iran, they employed it for its ability to settle and soothe the circulatory and nervous systems. Other names for this species include Indian berberi, tree turmeric, jaundice berry, Daruharidra and Darvi. Native to the mountains of India and Nepal, it now grows in temperate climates across Europe, Asia and America.