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Readisorb Liposomal Glutathione by Your Energy Systems is a liposomal glutathione supplement in liquid form that is taken orally. Glutathione, when taken orally by itself may not be absorbed into the body. Your Energy Systems places the powerful antioxidant glutathione in tiny nanosize spheres called liposomes to facilitate absorption into the body*.

Glutathione (GSH), a naturally occurring protein, is called a peptide. It is composed of three amino acids: glycine, glutamine and cysteine. Cysteine contains sulfur and gives glutathione its sulfuric aroma. It also plays a major role in glutathiones antioxidant and detoxification support functions.*


  • Provides support for protecting cells against free radicals that cause oxidation damage*
  • Provides support for neutralizing/removing toxins*
  • Provides support for enhancing immune function*
  • Provides support for regulating protein and DNA growth*

Glutathione, with its beneficial support properties, may be considered a "key antioxidant" in the functioning of cells*. Antioxidant means it provides support for preventing oxidative stress.*

Oxidative Stress:
Oxidation in the outside world is the chemical mechanism that causes rust. Inside the body oxidation damage, called oxidative stress, causes damage to the proteins that keep the cells and their membranes running. Oxidative stress refers to toxins produced inside the body, free radicals, and those from without, which are caused by the environment. Glutathione plays a critical role in supporting defending cells again oxidative stress.*

Liposomes are small spheres (100-500 nanometer size), or liquid bubbles, made from Essential Phospholipids (EPL). EPL are natural components of human and animal cell membranes. A continuous supply of EPL, or its constituents, is essential for cell maintenance.*

In its simplest form, the outer portion of the liposome is fat soluble and the inner portion is water soluble. This makes liposomes ideal for carrying water soluble materials into the body. In this product the liposome is wrapped around glutathione.


Supplement Facts:
Servings (1 tsp) per container: approx. 24
1 teaspoon (5ml) contains:
Glutathione 422.7mg
Other Ingredients: purified water, glycerine, hydroxylated lecithin (from soybean oil), potassium sorbate (as preservative). Non-GMO.

Recommended Use:
Adults: Shake. Mix in water or juice and drink immediately. Take on an empty stomach. Wait 20 minutes to eat. Take 1 or more teaspoons daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional. REFRIGERATION PREFERRED.

Pregnant women and children under 12 consult healthcare professional before use. Keep out of the reach of children.